Monday, May 2, 2016

Dream Journaling

For years, I've used Clyde H. Reid's Dreams: Discovering Your Inner Teacher as a straightforward format (based on Jungian dream analysis) to walk myself through the key aspects of a dream:
  • Date of dream:
  • Title:
  • Motif:
  • The dream in detail:
  • Context: what's happening in my life at this time?
  • In this dream, who are the main characters known to me before?

       Outstanding characteristics:
       What part of me is this?
  •  Who are the main characters not known to me?
        Same sex figures (shadow)?
        Opposite sex figures (anima/animus)?
  • What are the outstanding features of this dream (flood, explosion, animal, house, etc)?
        What part of me is this feature or image? What is it saying to me?
        What important symbols appeared? How are they related to me?
  • What archetypes may be manifesting themselves here?
  • What feelings did I have during/after the dream?
  • What other thoughts, ideas, or memories does this dream trigger in me?